Who we are?

PE "Inkla-Kyiv" is a reliable partner and industrial equipment supplier for over than 20 years.
Our team – is a team of engineers, technical experts, project managers and translators. All of our employees regularly upgrade their qualification in their respective field of work, taking training courses directly on the manufacturers' sites and have the corresponding confirmatory certificates.
Our team – is our key resource, thanks to which the customer gets end-to-end solution adapted for his project.
We carry out project works in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer.
Our specialists carry out designer's supervision at the production site and maintenance of equipment during startup works and after the start of the operation.

Over the past few years the turnover of the company "Inkla-Kyiv" amounted to about 400 million UAH.

We are trusted by state enterprises of Ukraine.

We supply equipment from all over the world.

Our specialists are in touch with manufacturers and customers 24/7.

Advantages of our company

Thanks to the long-term experience of our partners, completed projects and positive references to the operation of the delivered equipment, we understand customer needs very well.

Our advantage is strong knowledge of the Eastern European market, technical requirements, and state standards of the CIS and EU countries, proven experience of international projects implementation.

We save customers` time and resources due to the successful adaptation of solutions to a specific project.

Key Activities

  • Supply of industrial equipment according to the customer’s requirements and technical specification;

  • Tailoring of engineering solutions for specific operation conditions;

  • Qualified after-sales service;

  • Technical consultative services related to design & implementation of goods;

  • Market and marketing research practice;

  • Reverse engineering;

  • Preparation of feasibility studies, as well as consultation and supervision during performance of work;

  • Development of working drawings, technical specifications and other necessary documentation;

  • Preparation of contract documentation for various works, carrying out acceptance work and startup and commissioning works for industrial equipment;

  • Special services depended by special terms and conditions of the specific project.

Repair services

  • Engineering, manufacturing, and trading of unique constructions of mobile metal-working machines;

  • Developing of industrial plant equipment repair technology with the application of welding and mobile machining operation;

  • A complete check-up of equipment technical condition (technical audit);

  • High-accuracy 3D – measurement and 3D-scanning of details and industrial facilities;

  • Maintenance welding and recovery welding deposition of assembling and body parts;

  • Machining operation of details of any dimensions with the application of metal-working machine;

  • Repair of industrial plant equipment on-site or with the shipment to the repair site;

  • Fulfillment of large-scale general maintenances for the machining/reconstruction of working surfaces and metallurgical equipment modernization;

  • Engineering development of nonstandard equipment, units, machinery, various tooling;

  • Design and manufacture of nonstandard parts of any complexity;

  • Replacement of imported parts, modernization of units, life cycle increasing;

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